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When you have missed a class, you can make it up in this Course.

The following presentations are used by the Instructor and constitute a summary of the class.

The study technique is to use both, the Padpilot ebook lesson and the correspondent presentation.


The APS MCC training course includes advanced instruction in swept-wing aircraft and training in airline operations scenarios to provide the pilot with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to begin the initial type rating training with the standards generally required for certified operators of Commercial air transport (CAT)

The objective of the course is to train the pilot to understand how to deal with the physiological and psychological aspects of the different dynamic situations in airplanes and develop the competence and resistances necessary to be able to apply appropriate recovery techniques during the loss of control.

This course is mandatory after 2019 Dec 20th before any Type Rating

Encuentra y descarga todo lo necesario para el vuelo.

Find and download all necessary for the flight.

Here you find all theoretical matters required for your MCC training Please, study them accordingly Enjoy!

This section is designed to support PPL(A) students.

Esta sección se ha diseñado como apoyo para estudiantes de PPL(A)

All you need to know about Area 100 KSA 

El Inglés de Aviación es una herramienta clave para pilotos, controladores y despachadores de vuelo.

Aviation English is a key tool for pilots, controllers and flight dispatchers.

Curso básico sobre Seguridad Operacional (SMS) de Panamedia ATO 

Este curso abarca todo lo necesario para comenzar tu actividad como instructor de PANAMEDIA ATO

25 hours of Teaching and Learning

Entrenamiento para Instructores/Evaluadores Área 100 KSA 

The aim of the Airbus A320 Jet Familiarization (JET FAM) Training course is to provide the transition from pilots with low experience or newly qualified CPL (A) / IR (A) license holders to a standard where their knowledge, spatial awareness and skill of jet airliner handling and operation will be that of airline entry level.

ATPL(A) Ground Training

All PPL(A) LAPL(A) ground training according EASA

Fórmate con el Curso Básico de Piloto de Drones A1/A3 y adquiere los conocimientos necesarios para superar el examen de AESA.

Fórmate con el Curso Básico de Piloto de Drones A2 y adquiere los conocimientos necesarios para superar el examen de Nivel 2 de AESA.

Teoría para el/la piloto de RPA, de acuerdo con la teoría de PPL(A) - Ground training for the RPA pilot, according PPL(A) theoretical training.

Es necesario estudiar 5 horas del temario adjunto. En la clase presencial (de 5 horas más examen), se verán las diferencias del RPA que se usará y se hará el examen de 60 preguntas requerido (nota mínima 75%)

Manual del Instructor de Aviación: La "Biblia" para dar enseñanza aeronáutica

Aviation Instructor Handbook: The "Bible" to teach aviation

Todo lo necesario para aprender a enseñar y a examinar a aspirantes a Piloto de RPAs
El curso "Formación de formadores" constituye La "Biblia" para dar enseñanza en cualquier actividad

The Flight Dispatcher is the "Captain on ground"; he/she is in charge of collecting all required flight documentation and, then, he/she has to follow the flight (Flight Watching) to help the crew in the event they need aditional information (e.g. weather for a new alternate airport)

Dirigido a todas las personas que vayan a realizar un curso en el que es necesario tener conocimientos de Matemáticas y Física.

For all people needing Mathematics & Physics to begin a course where neccessary

Aprender las técnicas básicas de Montaje, Reparación y Mantenimiento de RPAs


Consulta la programación teórica y de vuelos de la semana.

Check the theoretical and flight schedule of the week.